[Feb. 25] Student-related measures after returning to school

update date : 2020-03-26
Dear International Students,

Due to the occurrence of the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), universities and colleges nationwide have postponed their opening date for the semester. We also postponed our opening day by three weeks in response to the government's education policies, and all students will return to school to start classes on February 25. The Health Services Division of the Office of Student Affairs would like to invite all faculty members to notify students of the following points to ensure the health of all teachers and students.
1. Students are requested to complete the questionnaire to help the school to understand their recent travel history. Students shall not return to school if they are still categorized as within the periods of the “Self-Management of Health” or “Home Quarantine”.
2. All faculty, staff members and students must report their body temperature daily. Students who live on-campus are required to measure the temperature between 20:00 and 22:30 at their dorm, and those who pass the temperature check will be stamped on the wrist. Students who live off-campus will measure the temperature on their own before 12:00 noon every day and report to their teachers or register the results online. Students in the continuing education will measure the temperature right before their classes and record the results.
3. Those who experience a fever or show respiratory symptoms (including flu) shall not attend classes or participate in any activities. If students who live on-campus are found to have a fever or respiratory symptoms (including flu), the resident assistant should be notified immediately, and the Health Services Division and Student Assistance Division of the Office of Student Affairs will help the students to seek medical treatment, and they will return home to rest after visiting doctors. For those whose home is far away (outlying islands or other countries), they will be admitted to the injury and illness rooms and shall not go out or participate in any activities. They can only return to school or the original dorm room at least 24 hours after the symptoms are relieved. During the epidemic prevention period, "special leave" may apply for the above-mentioned circumstances without affecting students' grades in personal conduct.
4. The school does not have sufficient quantities of masks. The masks are provided to the front-line personnel (resident assistants, nursing staff, military training instructors and security personnel) and those who are found to have fever and respiratory symptoms. Students shall prepare their own masks.
5. Epidemic prevention is everyone's responsibility. Let us create a safe and healthy learning environment together.

Office of Student Affairs
Office of Campus Security:02-2903-8713
Sanitary Division:02-2908-9899 ext.4358/4359

1. 請同學配合填寫問卷,以利學校掌握學生最近的旅遊史,學生若仍於「自主健康管理」、「居家檢疫」等相關期限內,請勿返校。
2. 全體教職員工生每日都須回報體溫,住宿生每晚20:00-22:30於宿舍統一量測,合格者將蓋章於手腕。住校外的學生則每天中午12:00以前自行量測並回報導師或系上登錄。進修部的學生於每天上課時量測及登錄。
3. 若有發燒或呼吸道症狀(含流感)者,請勿到教室上課或外出參與任何活動。住宿同學有發燒或呼吸道症狀(含流感),請立即通報舍監,學務處衛保組或生輔組同仁將協助確認並引導同學就醫,同學就醫後請返家休養,若居住較遠(離島或外籍學生)的同學則入住傷病寢室,亦不得外出或參與任何活動,直到症狀解除滿24小時方可返校或住回原寢室。防疫期間因上述情況可請「特別假」,不扣該學期之操行成績。
4. 學校無充足的口罩,僅提供必要的第一線人員(舍監、護理人員、教官、校安人員等)及臨時發現發燒、呼吸道症狀者,請同學自行準備充足的口罩備用。
5. 防疫是大家的責任,讓我們一起營造安全健康的學習環境。

衛保組分機:4358, 4359