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National Health Insurance (NHI) for International Students

update date : 2021-02-24

International students at Taiwan universities have to be covered by health insurance. Students who are holding an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) must enroll in the National Health Insurance (NHI) program.


People Insured:
According to the National Health Law Article 9 Item 1 in Taiwan, Overseas Chinese and International Students staying in Taiwan for at least 6 months and holding Residence Certificates, are eligible for and should enroll in the NHI Program.


Period Insured:
Separated into 2 periods: 1st semester (September to February of the following year); 2nd semester (March to August).


Matters for attention:

1. Foreign students should bring one photocopy of their Residence Certificate and one 2-inches photo directly to the office of their Department  to apply for the NHI program. 

2. If you discover any mistakes in your personal data (name, I.D. card number or birth date), please bring all relevant documents to the Center of International Affairs so that the mistakes can be corrected. 

3. Graduates, students who dropped out from MCUT, or plan to take leave of absence will have to withdraw from the NHI program. Please remember to hand-in your NHI card to the Center of International Affairs for proper processing.

4. According to NHI regulations, you have to continue paying insurance fees even during spring or summer vacation, since  the lapse  period is less than 6 months. Emergency medical bills paid outside of Taiwan are covered during these periods as long as proper medical certificates and receipts are presented.

5. NHI is a compulsory social insurance program. Students who refuse to join the program will be fined between NT3,000 to NT15,000, and any expenses in medical bills will not be covered by the NHI program until and the fine is paid (cf. National Health Law, Article 88 ).

6. NHI fees for Overseas & International Students: Payments will be collected every six months (4,494 N.T. dollars; N.T.749 per month) and will be included in the tuition fee.


7. Family members accompanying students are also obliged to join the NHI program after a stay of over 6 months. Please go to the government administrative office in the district of your residence for registration.


8. For further information, please visit the website of the Bureau of National Health Insurance.

9. For further inquiries, please contact the MCUT Center of International Affairs. Phone number: (886)229089899 ext.3006


What is the covered under the NHI program?

The insured person is entitled to receive the following medical benefits:

1.  Outpatient services, In-patient care and drugs that are provided by the NHI based medical care institutions in case if illness, injury or childbearing.

2.  Preventive health care for children, prenatal examinations and adult health examinations (Age 40 and above).

3. Emergency treatments including tratments received at non-NHI based medical institutions in Taiwan, or at medical institutions overseas. Beneficiaries may apply for reimbursements of such medical expenses with proper receipts & medical certificates. Reimbursements are made in accordance with the fee schedules published by the NHI.


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