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Group Insurance for Newly Arrived Students

update date : 2020-10-20

This insurance is only offered for new international degree students who are not eligible for National Health Insurance during the first 6 months of their stay in Taiwan.


Group Insurance for newly arrived students
International students at universities in Taiwan have to be covered by health insurance. Newly arrived students who are not yet eligible to join the National Health Insurance Program (NHI), have two options: 

1) Buy an international health insurance plan  that covers the first six months of your stay in Taiwan in your home country.

2) Join the Mercuries Life Insurance after your arrival in Taiwan. This insurance plan is offered to international students who are not yet eligible to join the National Health Insurance Program, and can only be joined via the MCUT, Center of International Affairs.


Mercuries Life Insurance


Target group:
If newly arrived students wish to have health insurance for the first six months of their stay in Taiwan, they have the option of joining Mercuries Life Insurance. Mercuries Life Insurance plan covers expenses for (emergency) treatments of illnesses and injuries, but reimbursements are capped (see "Coverage policy" below). Students who wish to purchase Mercuries Life Insurance for the first 6 months of their stay in Taiwan can sign up at the CIA on the day of enrollment. 
In addition to health insurance, all students are covered by an on-campus accident insurance (學生平安保險) which is included in the tuition fee.


Insurance Period and Fees:

Mercuries Life Insurance fee is a one-time payment, paid in the beginning of the semester, i.e. from September to February of the following year, or from March to August. 

Premium: NT$3,000 for 6 months (*Price subjects to adjustment).

Range of Insurance:
(1) Out-patient clinic for illness and accidents

(2) In-patient treatment for illness and accidents

(3) Coverage of treatment costs for outpatient, emergency or inpatient care incurred abroad (reimbursement caps apply)



How to make a claim

If you wish to claim your medical expenses after having purchased the International Students Group Medical Insurance, you should observe the following guidelines: 

1. The insurance covers medical treatment provided by the hospitals specified by the insurance company ONLY. *Please make sure that you go to one of the National Health Insurance covered hospitals or clinics if you are seeking medical treatment.

2. After paying for the treatment, be sure to get a receipt and a medical certificate that details the treatment with the doctor’s signature. Tell the doctor that you need the documents to claim insurance benefits.

3. Fill out the insurance claim form and bring it together with the required documents to the CIA and the staff will assist you to make your claim. 

4. Documents that you have to bring to the Center of International Affairs to claim reimbursement:

  • Medical Certificate
  • Receipt
  • One copy of bankbook cover 
  • Application for Group Insurance Claim (from CIA)
  • One copy of ARC


Mercuries Life Insurance
Group Foreign Students Health Insurance

Coverage Policy

Insurance covers accidents or sickness occurring within Taiwan ONLY. Accidents or sickness requiring specialized medical care or occurring before the insurance policy was taken out will not be covered.

Outpatient/Emergency treatment benefits

While this Policy is still effective, if the Insured suffers an illness or injury and receives (emergency) treatment at a hospital/clinic as an outpatient, the company will reimburse all medical expenses incurred. However, the payment of benefit shall not exceed the limit of 1000 NTD (per visit).

Daily hospital room benefits

While this Policy is still effective, if the Insured suffers an illness or injury and receives treatment at a hospital as an inpatient, the company will reimburse the following expenses incurred:

1. Balance billing on hospital rooms.

2. Food, except for nutrients provided through tube feeding.

3. Nursing care fee, excluding special nurse fee.

However, the payment of benefits shall not exceed the limit of 1000 NTD (per day).

Hospital miscellaneous benefits:

While this Policy is still effective, if the Insured suffers an illness or injury and receives treatment at a hospital as an inpatient, the company will reimburse the following expenses incurred:

1. Physician instructions medication.

2. Blood, except for blood transfusions deemed necessary by a doctor providing emergency care

3. Registration fee and cost of obtaining related certificates

4. Ambulance fee (from or between hospitals).

5. Operation fee.

6. Operation room, post-operative recovery room, emergency room or the application of its equipment.

7. Materials fee.

8. Laboratory tests, electrocardiogram, basal metabolic rate check.

9. Rehabilitation therapy.

10. Anaesthetics, oxygen, and its application.

11. Therapeutic radiology.

12. Haemodialysis.

13. Injection and its liquid medicine.

14. Laboratory examination.

15. Treatment.

However, the payment of benefit shall not exceed the limit of 120,000 NTD (per hospitalization).

Provisions of the Insured

Insurer qualifications: Limited to foreign students (including Mainland Chinese students and Overseas Chinese students). 
Age limit of the Insured:  From 15 years old to 50 years old.

Insured person’s name shall be specified in the policy

Policy period/term:One year.

Premium payment mode: half-yearly only


1. The above information is for reference only. For details of the terms and conditions, please refer to the policy contract (Chinese version).

2. The terms and conditions of the insurance policy (Chinese version) shall prevail if there is any inconsistency between the above information and the insurance policy.

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