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I-KITCHEN Booking Procedure

update date : 2021-03-20

All the students are required to prepare your own Kitchenware and Utensils.
The Kitchen appliances that CIA provided:

  1. Induction stove
  2. Electric pot
  3. Oven
  4. Microwave Oven
  5. Fridge

For the students who will use the I-Kitchen, You must follow the regulations for using the I-Kitchen such as following:

  1. The I-Kitchen is only can be use for the International students of MCUT. No outsiders are allowed to use the I-Kitchen.
  2. All of the students are required to leave their IDs and register with CIA before entering the I-Kitchen and using the facilities; the facilities shall be cleaned and tidied after use. After using, the staff will check and if no regulations are violated, your ID will be returned to you.
  3. Caution for use:
    - Do not leave the cooking area or do other things simultaneously during cooking to avoid the risk of food spillage.
    - When using I-Kitchen, keep your volume down, do not grill, drink or make noise to cause disturbance to others.
    - You are probihited from washing any other things than cooking utensils and food ingredients in the kitchen sink. Please do not throw your garbage and food waste in the trash cans in the kitchen and toilet or other public spaces to avoid environmental messes and blockage of drains (Bring your garbage with you when you leave the kitchen and threw it in the dumpster provided in your dormitory).
    - Always check the power switch is off after usage, maintain the cleanliness of appliances and cooking area.
  4. Important notes on storage:
    - Any items other than cooking appliances and utensils is not allowed to be stored in the kitchen cabinets and will be discarded if not in compliance with the regulations.
    - All personal cooking utensils must be kept neatly arranged in the kitchen cabinet and there is no custodial responsibility.
    - Dining plates, bowls and chopsticks must be washed and taken away immediately after food consumption and must not be left in the kitchen sink or public areas, otherwise they will be discarded; the kitchen sink shall be cleaned after use.
    - Refrigerated items must be marked with the Name and Student ID Number (use a dedicated form from the Center of International Affairs and place your seal to comply with the regulations) and wrapped in a container, plastic bag or plastic wrap, otherwise they will be discarded. The refrigerator storage period must not exceed 3 days and the freezer storage period must not exceed 7 days. Refrigerator items will be cleaned up regularly and if a student does not abide by the rules regarding refrigerator use for more than three times, he/ she will be prohibited to use the refrigerator in the future.
  5. Power usage precautions:
    - One plug for one appliance. Extension cords and multi-sockets are prohibited.
    - Observe all of the instructions on the use of electrical appliances and maintain them in a tidy and clean way.
    - The use of flame appliances, such as gas stoves is strictly prohibited.
    - It is prohibited to remove or relocate the kitchen appliances to use in another place. The appliances is for on-the-spot use only, please do not take away for personal use.
    - If any of the appliances are malfunctioning, please inform the CIA to handle the problem. Do not repair or disassemble the appliance by yourself to avoid accidents.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to cook or heat any pork products using Muslim students' stoves and electrical appliances provided, and it is prohibited to use any Muslim student's utensils to handle pork products.
  7. If the use of the kitchen and its facilities is not properly managed or used in a manner that affects the safety of the public, the kitchen will be suspended from service.
  8. All informations on the use of common kitchen utensils is affixed in the kitchen. Users should ensure that they comply with the rules and pay attention to the selection of individual cooking utensils to maintain the longevity of the kitchen utensils and ensure safety. Any damage to the common kitchen utensils caused by improper use shall be compensated at market prices.
  9. Users who fail to comply with the regulations above shall be subject to warnings in addition to penalties. Recidivating users shall be punished and the use of kitchen equipment will be prohibited for them.

You must fill out this form in the first place to book for the time: https://forms.gle/cMU1crpnrM3DdUf28

Be sure to come CIA first before you use the kitchen.
Center of International Affairs
Innovation Building 2F (Office 215,You can find the attachment file for more detailed instructions to go to I-Kitchen)
I-Kitchen operating time is from Monday-Friday (08:00-11:00 & 13:00-16:00), Weekends and Holidays are closed.

For more detailed information please contact:
Kenwin Khor (Mr.)
Assistant, Center of International Affairs
Ming Chi University of Technology
Tel: +886-2-2908-9899 ext. 3015
Email: kenwinkhor@mail.mcut.edu.tw

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