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[Mar. 12] Students must take the temperature everyday

update date : 2020-03-26
Dear International Students,

In order to cope with the current epidemic development of the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), be sure to cooperate with the discussion of the epidemic prevention conference.
1. Students who live in MCUT dormitory... Since March 12, if you don’t take your body temperature and accumulated 3 times (you don’t have any proof of leave), you will be kicked out the dorm.
2. If students who have a fever or respiratory symptoms (including flu), it will notify immediately to Sanitary Division, Department and Curriculum Development Division.
3. All faculty, staff members and students can’t go to school if you are still categorized as within the periods of the “Self-Management of Health” or “Home Quarantine”. You can apply personal leave.
4. During the epidemic period, should not go abroad (including transit) to the listed as level 1, level 2 and level 3 travel warning countries, as indicated by CECC.

Office of Student Affairs


1. 申請住宿學生自3月12日起累積3次未量體溫(經查明未請其他假別),將予以退宿處分。
2. 校園體溫異常人員通報環安室及衛保組之後,教師由環安室通知人事室、課務組、所屬單位;職員由環安室通知人事室、所屬單位;學生由衛保組通知各系、課務組。
3. 凡須自主健康管理者,全體教職員工生請勿到校,學生以事假論,教職員工因事先報備獲核准出國,以公假論。
4. 疫情期間暫緩出國前往(含轉機)旅遊疫情等級一級以上的國家。

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