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[Mar.31] Precaution of COVID-19 for holidays

update date : 2020-04-01
Dear International Students,

Taiwan Ministry of Education announcement:
1. All the International students and staffs do not go abroad without MCUT permission.
2. We are advised that you open your mobile positioning function for tracking your activities location to facilitate subsequent investigations. Please refer to link: https://reurl.cc/1x2vRX
3. Stop joining or holding any unnecessary events on campus or outside campus. Do not go to crowded places.
4. Stop meeting with your friends and family who just return to Taiwan from abroad and doing Home Isolation, Home Quarantine and Self-Health Management.
5. MCUT will implement comprehensive disinfection and cleaning on April 2 and April 3.
6. MCUT Campus has entry access control to prevent the source of infection from entering the school. Anyone without MCUT Student ID card can’t enter MCUT campus.

Know more about COVID-19, please check as below.
Official website: https://www.mcut.edu.tw/p/412-1000-7894.php?Lang=en
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