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[Apr. 15] Everyone is required to wear the mask on campus

update date : 2020-04-15
Dear International Students,

👉Everyone is required to wear the mask when entering all classroom, office, laboratories, seminar rooms, and other confined spaces on campus.
Do not walk from the B1 Parking Lane of International dorm to the Mechanical Engineering Building. It’s dangerous at night.

How to buy the masks: https://reurl.cc/exWj6R (you can buy it online if you have NHI Card)
⚠Note: People who do not wish to wait for the distribution of face masks ordered online can still purchase face masks at NHI-contracted pharmacies and local public health centers as before.

👉International students are strongly advised not to go abroad as you will denied entry to Taiwan and thus not able to continue your studies.
If overseas travel cannot be avoided or in emergency, be sure to complete two Application Forms to get the official permission from school.
❗Students are required to get the official permission from school before leaving Taiwan.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
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